Nolan Miller Jewelry – Popular Emmy Winning Designer Leaves Nothing to Chance

Sound familiar? That’s because it is and you should be. A costume designer for TV, Nolan Miller has designed for shows like Dynasty, The Colbys and the miniseries Dynasty: The Reunion, working with TV giants Aaron Spelling and Douglas Cramer.

His creations for costume have gotten so popular that it actually spawned a clothing line. Stylish women wanted to the costumes that Joann Collins, Linda Evans and Diahann Caroll wore on the sets of these shows, that’s why the need for, not a spin-off series of the show but rather, a fashion line teeming with clothes based on the characters of the show.

He is a multi-awarded fashion designer, winning Emmys since 1983. And he is thriving as a couturier in Beverly Hills as the designer for Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins and Sophia Loren.

But that’s not all. He may be a talented fashion designer but he’s also a smashing jewelry designer. Nolan Miller designs are all original and classy that if you don’t ask the wearer where she got it, you would probably assume from the Fifth Avenue.

The designs are all glamour. They are usually adapted from trends of the year, and takes inspiration from Hollywood. Precious gems and metals are ornately designed to give that vintage feel to it, to have that this-is-a-hand-me-down-from-my-great-grandmother look. It gives you style and distinction that has never been there, it gives the wearer a boost of confidence. Lavish and fine at the same time, it is said to capture the Hollywood spirit without hurting your pockets.

It is made for the red carpet, and for those who have red carpet aspirations, Nolan Miller is for you. But of course, if you want to go casual, there is something for you too. Simple cuts and designs are also present in Miller’s lines, suitable for daytime wear. So there is indeed something for everyone.

The designer’s pins are usually unique and extravagant and in fact, they are possibly the most in demand accessories in his collection. That’s not all, the best thing probably about Nolan Miller is that the accessibility he has for the people is tremendous! They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Sure, and that is overrated. What really matters for a girl is jewelry. And everyone wants to be pretty. So imagine the scope TV has for the people. The people, even bedridden patients, can order from the channel to prettify themselves! Now that’s a genius!

It’s amazing how simple little pieces from Nolan Miller jewelry collections always manage to shine.