The Legend and History of Pearl

Pearl jewelry is not a natural precious stones, it generated in some shellfish (mussels), when some foreign bodies within and outside into the PayPal failed to rule out the possibility, it will be the cell secretion The quality of pearls will be alien to the layers of a foreign body wrapped up a long time from pearl beads. As each parcel by the extremely thin layers of pearls, pearls from a several thousand -stack of packages from Pearl, after 3-6 years in order form.

Seawater pearls in the production of shellfish called sea pearl beads, mainly arising from white butterflied and black butterflies in the shellfish, freshwater mussels in the category of production is freshwater pearl beads, a major mussels in the spinnaker, it is necessary to note that not all of the shellfish (mussels) category can pearl output.

The formation of pearls: according to geologists research, since 2 million years ago in the Triassic Era began to propagate after the shellfish have generated a pearl. Pearl is also the earliest human use of one of the jewelery. “Bible” opening “The Creation” in the records: From the Garden of Eden than the river, “where there are pearls and agate.” China is the first use of pearls in the world, when the Han dynasty in a province of China has been pearl-fishery industry. Pearl main ingredient is calcium carbonate, accounting for 82-93 percent, with its crystal-like or spearhead-shaped beads, each layer of nacre in the vertical array, a radial level, which is like a flash of rainbow colors Pearl played a key Role. Pearl angle in the composition of 4-14 per cent protein, 2-4% of the water, and it also more than 10 amino acids and 28 trace elements, including selenium, such as germanium is a rare cancer and anti-aging substance.

A fine ground without a Thai gem jewelry is not expensive, but pearls from the pearl seashell to retrieve it without processing, excellent shape those goods directly to a precious pearl decorations, pearls and other precious stones are the biggest Distinction. In addition, the pearl jewelry is also a valuable medicines, has a notable beauty, the effectiveness of health care treatment, which is pearls’ great strengths, compared with other precious stones.